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Increasing marketing and communication success... 

makes for a better world.

That's a pretty bold claim... and, sure, it's important to consider your organization's profitability; the sustainability of your business; preparing for a successful launch; increasing customer satisfaction...

What leader doesn't consistently strive for increased team productivity + collaboration, or keep product development + innovation top of mind?

What we do, is thread all of that together with language and messaging that resonates. Communication, and a systems over outcomes approach, is what we're all about, so you can be better at what you're all about.  

22 years & we're just getting started

Founding both volume pr + engagement science lab, elizabeth edwards and her teams have initiated a movement, constructing the world's first scientifically integrated communication framework.

Communication should deepen understanding, not create confusion. Communication should inspire action from a place of allyship, in lieu of traditional manipulation tactics.

Working with a team of communication specialists, strategists, and advisors for more than two decades, Edwards has piloted the purposeful, interdisciplinary design of  Resonant Communication. 

Collectively, this work equips leaders worldwide with the methods and tools to tune their individual, organizational, and societal language + messaging to support behavioral changes and foster ethical influence. 

Resonant Communication transforms marketing, messaging, team collaboration, and civil discourse.

We have developed workshops, coaching, and on-demand training platforms tailored to the needs of individuals all the way up to the grandest of organizational levels. We've done so because Resonant Communication benefits are evident and sustainable at across all organizational levels and fields. 
Our unparalleled research is equipped to deliver an intimate understanding of communication dynamics across your team, company, community, and, most importantly- yourself, tuning layered communication processes + modalities for ultimate success. 

we empower professionals at every level with a framework to craft language that achieves maximum success while ethically resonating with heads, hearts, and hopes.  

Hello, I'm Elizabeth Edwards

...and while I'm proud of my titles and achievements, the purpose of my years of research has always been to land on communication practices that are intrinsically honest, to integrate language that is capable of truly deepening our understanding from one human to another, and to create waves of resonance.

I hope you weren't expecting a lab coat and a stack of white papers under my arm-our science is real, but it is also real world

Let's discuss global perspectives for a moment: Resonant Communication + Influence is for humans. Forget companies, businesses, organizations, fields. Focus on what comprises all of those entities-humans.

The truly big (as big as it gets, honestly) picture when it comes to what Resonant Communication means to me and why it's vital that I share it with you, is the potential collective impact it can have on our individual and mass communications. This work has true societal benefits, and that's why it has been my life's work:

  • Restored civil discourse + social cohesion
  • Potential reversal of plummeting mental health trends
  • Greater collective reasoning and problem-solving
  • Increased alignment on solutions for humanity 




We've always been told, "communication is key," and while that is not untrue, it is...incomplete.

We believe the quote should read:
"While communication is key, comprehension is the lock that key was molded for. 


Audit + Integrate + Audience-Specific Social Science Research + Develop/Report Industry-Specific Recommendations & Training

Strategy + Messaging + Design & Production  

Stage 01: Research

Stage 02: Workshop

Stage 04:
Train + Create

Leadership & Team Foundations Utilizing the Resonant Communication Framework

Continued development of your team's influence, connection, and persuasive skills, aligned with further progression through the RC Framework, supported with coaching, feedback and content editing strategies. 

Stage 03: Content

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Take a look at how our science goes to work for you

how important is a deeper sense of communication?

Well, if you think about it-communication & air have a lot in common.

Much like air, communication is an omnipresent, constant, essential element in our lives. 

While air is a shared resource that connects us all...communication serves as a shared medium connecting individuals, communities, and cultures. 

It is our philosophy that the way we communicate with ourselves and others become as meaningful and impactful as the air we breathe. 

communication for communities + leaders

communication from within


"Even a task as daunting as changing the United States' perception of Rwanda is not too much for this team."

Robert Fogler I VC Founder & Managing Director I Thousand Hills Venture Fund

Communication Science impacts


For Businesses & Organizations

For Leaders & CEO's

For All Individuals 

Communication frameworks that help companies rise above the noise, develop brand messaging with integrity, and impart ethically sound practices.

Providing leaders with the tools, messaging, and strategies resulting in creating meaningful shifts within the global social narrative. 

Helping individuals identify and redefine their inner language and thoughts, resulting in healthier, more fulfilling lives.