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...and that something great? Is your next event. 

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Scientific breakthroughs are reshaping communication norms, as well as marketing and influence strategies. Is your organization prepared to remain at the forefront of these transformations?




Keynote addresses, trainings, & workshops that render multiple, intricate scientific fields into relatable & inspiring content 


Elizabeth will elevate your audience, guiding them from a point of awareness to heightened states of intrigue and positive consideration. 


Is your messaging prone to backfire? Are you unsure what backfire actually entails? The negative associations that trigger backfire are preventable. Elizabeth will show you how to position your communication to avoid known triggers of rejection embedded in your audience.  


Elizabeth trains and strategizes with leaders, enterprises, universities, NGOs, and government agencies to improve scaled communication outcomes, utilizing scientifically-backed language and engagement methodologies, anchored in responsible ethics. 


“Elizabeth Edwards gives the ideal keynote address. She challenges the audience to think big, stirs their curiosity to learn, and inspires people to act. She shows why she is a genuine communications thought-leader.

William Madway, Chair 2021 PRSA Association/Nonprofit Annual Conference

Hello, I'm Elizabeth Edwards

...and while I'm proud of my titles and achievements, the purpose of my years of research has always been to land on communication practices that are intrinsically honest, to integrate language that is capable of truly deepening our understanding from one human to another, and to create waves of resonance.

I hope you weren't expecting a lab coat and a stack of white papers under my arm-our science is real, but it is also real world

Let's discuss global perspectives for a moment: Resonant Communication + Influence is for humans. Forget companies, businesses, organizations, fields. Focus on what comprises all of those entities-humans.

The truly big (as big as it gets, honestly) picture when it comes to what Resonant Communication means to me and why it's vital that I share it with you, is the potential collective impact it can have on our individual and mass communications. This work has true societal benefits, and that's why it has been my life's work:

  • Restored civil discourse + social cohesion
  • Potential reversal of plummeting mental health trends
  • Greater collective reasoning and problem-solving
  • Increased alignment on solutions for humanity 

Topics I can speak on



Motivational Speaking

Civil Influence

that's me!

Weight Loss

Keynotes & Speaking Engagement Topics:

  • Mind Blown: The Shocking Science of Communication and Change
  • The Future of Scaled Engagement 
  • The Language of Collaboration: Unlocking Team and Market Success from Synergy 

Compelling topics. immediate impact 

learn & grow with resonant communication

Conference & Workshops 

  • Resonant Communications and Seven Sequences of Sense Making
  • Quantum Influence: Shaping Worlds with Words 

Motivational Language & Messaging 

Via trainings, coaching, workshops, or a powerful keynote address...Elizabeth Edwards deconstructs the complexities and intricacies of multiple scientific domains into digestible and impactful learning moments for her audience. 

Through true understanding and enhancement regarding both the decoding and delivery of messaging, Elizabeth is capable of elevating human discourse.

A breakthrough that begins with your brand, team, or organization. 

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"She is dynamic, articulate and offers real value to her audience in the form of theory, application and useful tools."

"She simultaneously commands a room, while still encouraging even the shyest person in the crowd to engage."

20 + years of dedicated research and I'm just getting started...

let's put all of that information into an event that resonates.

This is your company, organization, or institution's chance to demonstrate to your teams and audiences alike- that you are committed to understanding and applying messaging that transcends current harmful, misaligned tactics and outcomes-in order to initiate impactful changes on both an internal and external scale. 

Learn how to communicate with clarity, confidence, and care to increase team collaboration and cohesion, as well as positive influence regarding your brand language, and consumer/audience messaging. 

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