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Elizabeth Edwards

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Consumer Services, Personal Care Products


Brand Strategy, Product Strategy & Creation, Launch, Tier 1 International Media


POP! Natural was a small, up-and-coming bath care brand. POP! made the world’s best bath bombs from the finest ingredients, and they were developing a cult-like following because of it. But big-box brands dominated the media and consumer’s expectations of where to get a quality bath bomb. Sales began to plateau, and new doors were not opening.


POP! ‘s founder retained Volume PR to rebrand and relaunch the company. Using behavioral and cognitive science-supported strategies, Volume reengineered the brand package and promise and took leadership through a consumer behavior-based Product Creation Challenge to expand the product line. Then they created a marketing and PR strategy dialed in to achieve maximum impact on consumer sales and wholesale relationships and launched the new brand planning for measurable success. But just how measurable?


The new brand did the entire years’ worth of sales in the first three days.

“POP! Natural” became “Hotsy Totsy Haus” with the tagline “Unapologetically Extra” to showcase their unflinching standards from the first touch.

All brand assets shifted from a playful tone to a unique experience and ingredient combination presentation. The result made the brand’s difference immediately tangible for media and customers.

The new product created from Volume’s Leadership Challenge produced a product so powerful it was the launch centerpiece, appearing in the “Everyone Wins” Unofficial Oscars Swag Bag.

The media went wild, and Hotsy Totsy Haus was suddenly featured in hundreds of top-tier press around the world: Forbes, TODAY, Good Morning America, Food & Wine, New York Times, Cosmopolitan, USA Today, Daily Mail, US Weekly, Vanity Fair, Vogue Paris, E! News, Business Insider, Entertainment Tonight, Robb Report, Tamron Hall, Reuters, and hundreds of others.

The media didn’t just cover it – they nearly all selected it as their favorite item, placing it in the headlines and featured photos of 100’s of articles.

A year later, the Grammy’s Swag Bag and the Unofficial Oscars Swag Bag once again included custom products from the brand resulting in additional waves of hundreds of millions more media impressions worldwide.

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Hello, I'm Elizabeth

A brand strategist with an editorial approach and a lot of cats, based in Los Angeles, California.

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