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Elizabeth Edwards

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A startup B2B technology company in the complex telecommunications market, Tower Cloud provided backhaul services to wireless carriers across the southeastern United States. Their CEO partnered with Edwards and Volume PR to define a unique brand strategy and establish a marketing and public relations presence. Starting with $7 Million in VC funding, Edwards and the Volume PR team led their brand and communication strategy to a $750,000,000 merger.


Volume PR’s strategies and behavioral engagement methods directly increased revenue, investments, and new market expansion.

The CEO was established as such an expert thought leader through unique speaking and influencer development opportunities he enjoyed a 98% acceptance rate at all targeted speaking engagements.

Company sales expanded 964% leading the brand to be named the 7th fastest-growing telecommunications company on the Inc. Magazine 500 list of fastest-growing businesses.

Through relationships and opportunities developed by Edwards and the Volume PR team, Tower Cloud and its partners were then acquired and merged into Uniti Fiber with their CEO at the helm in an unprecedented $750,000,000 merger.

“Volume is a perfect fit for where we are today, & more importantly, where we want to be tomorrow.” – Ronald Mudry, President, Uniti Fiber

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Hello, I'm Elizabeth

A brand strategist with an editorial approach and a lot of cats, based in Los Angeles, California.

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